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The meeting

February 18th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The car ride to and from school is always the best time to have interesting discussions with Nico.  This time, on the way home today I was just listening:

Mommy: “Nico, how was your day today?”
Nico: (silence)
Mommy: “Why don’t you say anything?”
Nico: “I don’t want to talk.”
Mommy: “Why not?”
Nico: (silence)
Mommy: “Why not, Nico?”
Nico: “I’m in a meeting with my brain.” (his exact words :))

A few minutes later…

Nico: “You know, you shouldn’t argue with adults because they do everything so you don’t get sick.”
Mommy: How so?
Nico: “Because they make the money to buy food to eat so you don’t get sick.”
Mommy: “Did you learn this in school? Who told you this?”
Nico: “God told me because he made my brain. So God told me.”

I hope one of these days I get invited to Nico’s meeting with his brain. ┬áThere seem to be interesting discussions going on at these meetings.

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